About Us

SSAIC acknowledges that we operate on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis. We pay our respects to the First Nations, Métis, and Inuit ancestors of Turtle Island, and recognize the harm done to Indigenous peoples through colonization, Residential Schools, and the Sixties Scoop. This legacy of intergenerational trauma is one of the reasons why our agency was created. We commit to working towards reconciliation, and reaffirm our relationship with one another.

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Who We Are & What We Do

SSAIC is a Saskatoon-based, non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to taking a leadership role in responding to sexualized violence in our community.

We have a vibrant team—from administrative support to counsellors, our executive director to our Board of Directors, SSAIC employs professionals who are passionate about ending sexualized violence and supporting survivors of sexual abuse, assault, and harassment.


SSAIC aspires to be part of a community in which individuals impacted by sexualized violence are believed and offered services to assist their healing, perpetrators of sexualized violence are held accountable for their actions, and future victims are protected. Together, we can mobilize to share responsibility for addressing sexualized violence and ensure that coordinated and evidence-based services related to sexualized violence are fully resourced.

Mission Statement

SSAIC exists to be the primary provider of community leadership in addressing sexualized violence. We provide counselling and survivor services to survivors of sexualized violence and education and prevention services to the Saskatoon community.


We believe that:

  • Sexualized violence is a crime of aggression, power and violence for which the aggressor alone is responsible. Survivors do not bring about their assault through attitude, behaviour, dress, or physical location.
  • Survivors can be any age or gender.
  • Survivors of sexualized violence are resilient and can heal.
  • All genders must work together if sexualized violence is to be prevented and eventually eliminated.
  • Sexualized violence exists and is supported in a larger societal context that tolerates power imbalances, gender-based discrimination, and systemic cultures that devalue certain groups of people while making others vulnerable.
  • We believe that survivors should not have to carry the societal shame and stigma of their victimization, but that those burdens should be carried only by the perpetrator of sexualized violence.
  • Everyone has the right to a world where sexuality can be experienced as a pleasurable and positive choice, free from sexualized violence.
  • Societal connections between sex and violence foster an environment where sexualized violence is allowed to flourish. Whether deliberate or inadvertent, sexual stereotypes, media depictions and gender-based discrimination can promote women and children as targets of violence.
  • Education will lead to more adequate prevention of sexualized violence.
  • We believe and support the survivor who seeks our help. We do not investigate the validity of the survivor’s claims.

Our Services

SSAIC offers individual and group counselling services to all survivors of sexualized violence, their families, and other support / service providers. Our 24-hour sexual assault crisis line exists to serve all who may need it. Sexualized violence education and services are provided in the community to raise awareness, reduce stigmatization, and influence social and systemic change.

All genders, races, religions, sexualities, and romantic orientations are welcome at SSAIC.

SSAIC serves:

  • Anyone 12 years of age or older who has survived sexualized violence (abuse, assault, or harassment), regardless of whether this occurred in childhood, last night, or many years ago;
  • Parents of children and youth who have experienced sexualized violence;
  • Individuals who have been affected by the sexualized violence inflicted on family, friends, and loved ones;
  • Male-identified folks, and;
  • Folx from the 2SLGBTQ community

We do not serve perpetrators of sexualized or intimate partner violence. For resources available to these folks, click here.

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