Learning &


The Basics

If you are looking for basic information on sexualized violence, check out these links:

For Survivors

If you’re a survivor yourself and looking for resources and information, check out our Survivor’s Toolkit for our counsellor’s favorite go-to tools and handouts.

Child Sexual Abuse & Online Exploitation

Blog Post: The Silent Epidemic of Child Sexual Abuse & Exploitation

One Step Further

If you’re a professional who works with survivors or may receive a disclosure of sexualized violence, you may want to learn more than the basics. Consider taking our First Responder to Sexual Assault Training – view our upcoming trainings here.

Printable Resources

Our brochures and other resources are full of information on child sexual abuse, adult sexual assault, being a good support person, and the LGBTQ2S+ community. They are all available to download here on our website.