Learning &


The Basics

If you are looking for basic information on sexualized violence, check out these links:

For Survivors

If you’re a survivor yourself and looking for resources and information, check out our Survivor’s Toolkit for our counsellor’s favorite go-to tools and handouts.

Child Sexual Abuse & Online Exploitation

Blog Post: The Silent Epidemic of Child Sexual Abuse & Exploitation

One Step Further

If you’re a professional who works with survivors or may receive a disclosure of sexualized violence, you may want to learn more than the basics. Consider taking our Supporting Survivors of Sexualized Violence Training. Click here for more information about SST, including upcoming training dates.

Printable Resources

Our brochures and other resources are full of information on child sexual abuse, adult sexual assault, being a good support person, and the LGBTQ2S+ community. They are all available to download here on our website.