January 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to SSAIC’s January 2022 Newsletter. Once a month, we bring you news, updates, skills, and opportunities relating to the world of sexualized violence. As subscribers, you won’t miss a beat about what’s happening at SSAIC.

COVID-19 Updates

SSAIC is open! We are currently serving clients of sexualized violence over Zoom and telephone only and providing public education virtually. In order to keep our staff and clients safe, we will continue to operate under the current restrictions:

  • Masking
  • Physically distancing
  • Sanitization & temperature protocols
  • Primarily utilizing telephone and Zoom counselling
  • Keeping our main office closed to the public

The majority of our counselling will continue to be provided over Zoom or telephone unless we assess that clients can not access service using that technology, or require some initial face-to-face support. SSAIC will remain closed to walk-in support at this time.

We are taking new clients and would encourage those who need our assistance to call our office during office hours and speak to one of our counsellors. Our 24-hour crisis line is fully functional and available to assist anyone who needs our help.

We have expanded our services to include more online resources for survivors. Please check out our Survivors Toolkit for additional resources and videos.

What’s New at SSAIC


SSAIC would like to welcome our new Social Work Practicum Student, Ashton Thomas! Ashton will be joining in on our public education efforts, as well as learn from our counselling team and eventually begin carrying her own caseload! We are so excited to have her on board with us this term. Be sure to say “Hi!” to her if you catch her in the hallways!

We’re Hiring! Executive Director

After 7 years of leading SSAIC, our Executive Director, Faye Davis, is moving on to explore more flexible work in semi-retirement.

Faye has provided outstanding leadership to SSAIC, strengthening communication and connections in the community, all the while working to build structures within SSAIC to ensure our clients are well-served through carefully developed supports and programs. We look forward to the opportunity to recognize her contributions in the spring.

The Board of Directors and staff at SSAIC will be sad to see her go but are all excited about the opportunities for organizational growth that happens whenever there is a change in leadership.

We are now accepting applications for this position! If you or someone you know is passionate about leading an organization dedicated to addressing sexualized violence in the Saskatoon community, please view our job posting here.

Posting closes February 3rd, 2022.

We’re Hiring (Twice!) Counsellor

In addition to our Executive Director position, we are looking to bring a new counsellor to our team.

Do you or someone you know have a passion for working with survivors? Check out our job posting to see if you’d be a good fit!

We can’t wait to meet you!

Posting closes January 31st, 2022.

Client Services Updates

Our Client Services team has been hard at work so far this year! They have successfully carried out a support group for teen survivors, and will be starting a group for female-identified survivors next month. They continue to take on new clients while supporting their existing ones, keeping their schedules full and lives busy. Thank-you for your patience in engaging with our services at SSAIC. Contact intake@ssaic.ca to inquire about our next support group offerings!

Learning & Entertainment

“I’m the Boss of Me”

We are so excited that our 16th season of “I’m the Boss of Me” is now underway!

“ITBOM” is SSAIC’s child sexual abuse education program for Grade 4 students that runs annually between January and March. Our puppet show tells the story of three friends, two of whom have experienced sexual abuse, as they learn that sexual abuse is not their fault, that it should never be kept a secret, and that there are people who will believe children and provide help and support.

Thank-you so much to the Saskatoon Public School Division and Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools for supporting our program for yet another year and ensuring that all students learn that abuse is never their fault.

We are backed by a team of 7 volunteers this year, plus 3 support staff to deliver approximately 130 shows in 9 weeks. Learn more about “I’m the Boss of Me” at SSAIC.ca/ITBOM.

Online Learning Workshop Series

We will be announcing our Winter Learning Workshop Series lineup shortly, so stay tuned to our socials so you don’t miss a thing!

Impacts of COVID-19 on Survivors (watch now!)

COVID-19 has had unprecedented impacts on the whole world, but how has it impacted survivors of sexualized violence specifically? This webinar is presented by Morgan Price, Education & Outreach Coordinator and Megan Sawyer, SSAIC’s Client Services Coordinator and counsellor to survivors. Watch the recording of our presentation below. Click here to make a donation.

Supporting Survivors of Sexualized Violence Training

Supporting Survivors of Sexualized Violence Training (SST) is an interactive training program created by SSAIC, designed to train anyone and everyone to receive disclosures and support survivors in a compassionate and trauma-informed way.

Join us for an upcoming session of SST to learn tangible skills for supporting someone who discloses sexualized violence, as well as the impacts of rape culture and our own unconscious biases.

Click on any of the following links to register yourself for SST:

Full Day Trainings

March 10th, 2022 (9am – 4pm)

September 7th, 2022 (9am – 4pm)

December 8th, 2022 (9am – 4pm)

Half Day Trainings:

May 11th, 2022 (9am – 12 noon)

October 25th, 2022 (1:30pm – 4:30pm)

Advocacy Spotlight: LEAF

The Women’s Legal Education & Action Fund (LEAF) is a well-established and dedicated advocate for gender equality, demonstrating tangible results, year after year. LEAF focuses on litigation, law reform, and public education. In 2021, LEAF made some substantial progress and reform related to sexualized violence:

Technology-Facilitated Violence (TFV) Project: In April 2021, LEAF published a report, authored by Cynthia Khoo, on platform liability for technology-facilitated gender-based violence. This report, including its recommendations for government action, will ground our future law reform efforts and potential upcoming interventions concerning TFV. 

 Additionally, LEAF intervened on several Supreme Court cases involving survivors of sexualized violence. While many of these cases are still in the court system, it is thanks to LEAF that they have not yet been concluded. You can read more about these cases here.

SSAIC Staff Recommends

Cheer (TV show, Netflix)

First of all, this is just such a feel-good show. Until it isn’t (ahem, Season 2, Episode 5). I LOVED how Netflix’s Cheer dedicated an entire episode to the two brave young men who shared their stories of sexualized violence: Charlie and Sam.

The sexually violent break-out star in question (whom we do not need to mention here) was everything you WOULDN’T imagine a perpetrator would be (warm, friendly, endearing, inviting), making it even more risky for Charlie and Sam to share their stories. In their confessionals, the twins share that despite the costs in their personal lives, they do not regret speaking out. When asked why he agreed to share his story, Charlie remarked, “I want to be the change in Cheer”. – Morgan

Swift Current – (Documentary, Amazon Prime, available on iTunes)

A feature length documentary exploring former NHLer Sheldon Kennedy’s journey from young hockey player sexually abused by his junior hockey coach, Graham James, to Kennedy’s work today as a crusader for victims of abuse in Canada and worldwide.

During a speaking engagement in Ontario, Canada Sheldon meets two university students who disclose the sexual abuse they suffered and ask him for help. The film tells the story of these three victims of child sexual abuse and the challenges they face while attempting to recover from the horrific trauma they suffered as children. – Lise

@yxesexualhealth (Social Media, Instagram)

Saskatoon Sexual Health’s Instagram page is a wealth of inclusive, sex-positive knowledge where you will gain sex education that touches on so much more than just safer sex and consent. 

You’ll find validation in a world that both exploits and shames people’s sexuality. You won’t find any stigma here about sexual health or sexual activity! This social media account is great for anyone who needs a safe place to land to learn about sex. – Steph

Sexualized Violence in the News

Peter Nygard denied bail on Toronto sex assault, forcible confinement charges, CBC News

Former fashion mogul Peter Nygard will remain in custody after a Toronto judge denied him bail on charges of sexual assault and forcible confinement.

Nygard, who once ran his international fashion business from Winnipeg, is charged with six counts of sexual assault and three of forcible confinement related to six people in Toronto.

Ontario justice of the peace John Scarfe denied Nygard’s request for bail Wednesday during a virtual hearing, which Nygard attended over Zoom from the Toronto South Detention Centre. Read more…

Hedley frontman Jacob Hoggard to face sex assault trial in May, CTV News

The sex assault trial of Canadian musician Jacob Hoggard is set to begin in May after it was postponed multiple times due to COVID-19 restrictions. The trial, which will be heard by a jury, is now scheduled to start May 2 and continue until early June.

The singer pleaded not guilty at his preliminary hearing to sexual assault causing bodily harm and sexual interference. Police launched an investigation in 2018 after allegations emerged that Hoggard had inappropriate encounters with young fans.

Hoggard issued a statement months before his arrest, denying any non-consensual sexual conduct but acknowledging having behaved in a way that “objectified women” and was “reckless and dismissive of their feelings.” Read more…

Regina doctor pleads not guilty to sexual assaults, Global News

A woman has testified it’s been hard for her to seek medical help since she was sexually assaulted by a former doctor during a colonoscopy.

“I have difficulty trusting doctors, and it has held me back from getting medical attention I need and deserve,” she told the court. “This experience taught me that in order to get potentially life-saving medical attention, I have to offer my body as a price of admission and that’s totally unfair.”

Sylvester Ukabam, 76, is facing seven counts of sexual assault that allegedly occurred between December 2010 and April 2017. A publication ban prohibits any of the complainants from being named. He pleaded not guilty to all charges on the first day of his trial Monday.

In 2018, Ukabam stopped practising medicine after the Saskatchewan College of Physicians and Surgeons found him guilty of “unbecoming, improper, unprofessional, or discreditable conduct” in relation to one of the allegations. Read more…

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