May 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to SSAIC’s May 2021 Newsletter. Once a month, we bring you news, updates, skills, and opportunities relating to the world of sexualized violence. As subscribers, you won’t miss a beat about what’s happening at SSAIC.

COVID-19 Updates

SSAIC is open! We are currently serving clients of sexualized violence over the telephone only and providing public education virtually. Due to the increase of COVID-19 cases in Saskatchewan, SSAIC is closed to walk-ins and in-person counselling at this time.

We are taking new clients and would encourage those who need our assistance to call our office during office hours and speak to one of our counsellors. Our 24-hour crisis line (306-244-2224) is fully functional and available to assist anyone who needs our help.

We have expanded our services to include more online resources for survivors. Please check out our Survivors Toolkit for additional resources and videos. 

What’s New at SSAIC

Sexual Violence Awareness Week

This past week, Saskatchewan recognized Sexual Violence Awareness Week, and SSAIC’s focus was to raise awareness about child sexual abuse and exploitation. On Wednesday, we welcomed keynote speaker Lindsay Lobb from the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. Thank you to Lindsay and C3P for the opportunity to learn more about your incredible work protecting children and ways to support survivors and their families. Subscribe to our social media pages to see our entire campaign, and be sure to share our posts to spread awareness about child sexual abuse in our communities.


The United Way of Saskatoon & Area has once again funded SSAIC’s work, which has allowed us to hire an Intake Counsellor to assist with our influx of clients and support services. We are so grateful for their support! Thanks United Way!

Thank you to the amazing Community Initiatives Fund for funding our child sexual abuse prevention and education program, “I’m the Boss of Me!” CIF has been critical to the success of this programming over the past few years, and we can’t thank them enough!

Learning & Entertainment

Supporting Survivors of Sexualized Violence Training

Supporting Survivors of Sexualized Violence Training (SST) is an interactive training program created by SSAIC designed to train anyone and everyone to receive disclosures and support survivors in a compassionate and trauma-informed way.

Join us for an upcoming session of SST to learn tangible skills for supporting someone who discloses sexualized violence, as well as the impacts of rape culture and our own unconscious biases. At this time, all trainings will be offered virtually.

Click on one of the following links to register yourself for SST:

2-Hour Training ($50):

October 6th, 2021 (2:00pm – 4:00pm)

Full Day Training ($150):

November 23rd, 2021 (9:00am – 4:00pm)

Online Learning Workshop Series

Each season, we bring new and exciting webinars related to sexualized violence to supporters and survivors alike. Our webinars are aimed at any and everyone from professionals to the general public with a thirst to learn. Join us live through Zoom, or register and watch later. Check out our spring offerings below; click the title to register!

Demystifying the Reporting Process of Sexualized Violence – May 26th @ 1:30pm – 2:30pm

How long can a survivor wait to report a sexually violent experience? Do survivors have to pay for a lawyer? What percentage of perpetrators actually get convicted? Learn the answers to these questions (and many more) from our Education & Outreach Coordinator, Morgan Price. Suitable for professionals, support people, and survivors alike.

Newcomers Navigating Sexualized Violence in Saskatchewan – June 15th @ 1:30pm – 3:30pm

With one of the highest rates of sexualized violence across the Canadian provinces, Saskatchewan support services must do a better job in supporting the newcomer population in our community. Culture shock, support networks, and barriers to accessing services will be discussed by our friends at the Saskatoon Open Door Society. All community members interested in learning are welcome!

Impacts of COVID-19 on Survivors (watch now!)

COVID-19 has had unprecedented impacts on the whole world, but how has it impacted survivors of sexualized violence specifically? Co-presenting this webinar is Megan Sawyer, SSAIC’s Client Services Coordinator and counsellor to survivors. Watch the recording of our presentation below. Click here to make a donation.

The Impacts of COVID-19 on Survivors
Join Morgan Price (Education & Outreach Coordinator) and Megan Sawyer (Client Services Director) from SSAIC as they discuss the various risks, impacts, and b…
The Impacts of COVID-19 on Survivors
Join Morgan Price (Education & Outreach Coordinator) and Megan Sawyer (Client Services Director) from SSAIC as they discuss the various risks, impacts, and b…

Women’s Legal Education & Action Fund (LEAF) is a dedicated advocate for gender equality with a focus on litigation, law reform, and public education. LEAF has played a significant role in advancing Canadian sexual assault laws.

The Deplatforming Misogyny report was created as part of LEAF’s Technology-Facilitated Violence (TFV) Project, bringing professionals together to reimagine legal responses to TFV. Click the link above to learn more about how LEAF is impacting Canadian justice for sexual assault survivors.

Non-Consensual Deepnudes and Sexual Deepfakes are media that use artificial intelligence to digitally insert an individual’s image into sexual videos (deepfakes) and photos (deepnudes) without their consent. This disturbing new form of sexualized violence has come about due to advancements in technology, and the number of sexual deepfake videos online is doubling every six months. Learn about non-consensual deepnudes and sexual deepfakes (and why the term “revenge porn” is inaccurate and harmful) from The Learning Network.

SSAIC Staff Recommends

@blessingmanifesting on Instagram by digital creator and mental health advocate Dominee. She is also queer and creates great worksheets and workbooks for folks working on their mental health and living with anxiety, depression, trauma. I use her material with clients often. -Sarah

“Boys & Sex: Young Men on Hookups, Love, Porn, Consent, and Navigating the New Masculinity” by Peggy Orenstein definitely surprised me. Picking it up as part of my research, I soon realized I didn’t want to put it down. Peggy beautifully shares narratives from young boys and men across America with an honesty and vulnerability that I’d never read before. Highly recommend to anyone who’s ever felt like men have it easy. -Morgan

On her podcast “Conversation With Alanis Morissette”, Alanis has conversations with credible teachers, researchers, and leaders from various fields and philosophies, including Dr. Peter Levine in Episode 8. Peter Levine is a Psychologist and one of the leading researchers on trauma and stress-related disorders. He does a lot of body-based work that focuses on the nervous system and processing traumatic memory; his work is something that has inspired the work of many of the counsellors at SSAIC. -Stephanie

Sexualized Violence in the News

Sexual assault training now required for new federally appointed judges, CBC News

A long-awaited bill requiring that new judges agree to undergo training on sexual assault and systemic racism before they’re appointed to the bench has become law. Bill C-3 will have a significant impact on how sexual assault cases are handled in Canada. It requires that all new federally appointed judges agree to take continuing education on sexual assault law and the surrounding social context, which includes systemic racism and systemic discrimination. Read more…

Former Sask. hockey coach in custody following assault, sexual assault charges, CTV News

A former Saskatchewan hockey coach has been arrested on charges of assault and sexual assault. The ongoing investigation by the Regina Police Service is investigating allegations of historical criminal activity involving Bernie Lynch, who has coached with the Humboldt Broncos, the Regina Pats, and the Regina Minor Hockey League. Read more…

Father of Rehtaeh Parsons looks to ‘turn a page’ in writing book about his daughter, Global News

Glen Canning’s daughter, Rehtaeh Parsons, was 17 when she died by suicide in 2013. She had been harassed and cyberbullied after a photo of her alleged sexual assault at a party was circulated among her peers. Although her death drew international attention and prompted a new anti-cyberbullying law, Canning wants to draw attention to a bigger part of his daughter’s story.  My Daughter Rehtaeh Parsons dives into the various societal systems that allow for misogyny and victim-blaming. Read more…

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