Learn about the various ways to donate to SSAIC!


CanadaHelps is a charity that connects donors with over 86,000 different charities across Canada, including sexual assault centers across the country. Their program has facilitated over $1 billion in giving!


Click the image above to donate to SSAIC through CanadaHelps.

PayPal Giving Fund

100% of any donations made to us through PayPal Giving Fund go directly to SSAIC!

PayPal Giving Fund pays all of those pesky payment processing fees so that all of your donation dollars will go towards helping Survivors!

PayPal Giving Fund Canada is a registered charity (CRA# 812867752RR0001) which collects donations on our behalf, and provides receipts to donors. PayPal Giving Fund then grants the funds to SSAIC without charging for its services.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discovery credit cards are accepted by PayPal and your payment is processed through their secure system. You may also login to PayPal if you have an account. You can choose to donate anonymously.

For more information, check out PayPal Giving Fund Canada’s website and you can find SSAIC’s PayPal Giving Fund page Here


When you choose to recycle your bottles and cans with SARCAN at any location across Saskatchewan, you can donate those funds directly to SSAIC!

Use the code “I believe you” when checking out or dropping off your recyclables.


Come say hi and check out our space! You can donate to SSAIC with cash or cheque at the front desk of our office (201 – 506 25th Street East).