The research behind the benefits of yoga for sexualized violence survivors is undeniable; yoga provides an accessible, personalized practice that can engage survivors in safely processing sensation and sustain them through multiple, ongoing stages of healing. Finding balance on the mat and in their breath can help survivors to find that balance again in their life.

“Yoga is a gentle, safe way for people to befriend their bodies, where the trauma of the past is stored.” – Bessel van der Kolk

Trauma can make people feel off balance; it can lead folks to feel disconnected within themselves and the world around them. Trauma-informed yoga can help survivors regain a sense of control within their body and mind. By moving through poses, focusing on the breath, and grounding oneself in the present, our bodies can relearn to tolerate mild discomfort and remain calm and relaxed in a safe, controlled way.

All are welcome; no previous yoga experience necessary. 

Join our counsellor and registered yoga teacher, Steph, in learning to reconnect your breath and body. Counselling support will also be available during class.

Call our office to register!