Educational Presentations

SSAIC offers virtual and live presentations for agencies, organizations, or groups that support individuals who are at an increased risk of sexualized violence due to addictions, poverty, racism, disability, their status as immigrants or refugees, members of the LGBTQ2S community, and any other vulnerability factor. We can easily pop in during a staff meeting, or do a separately scheduled presentation. We do not charge our peer organizations for these presentations. However, we may request an in-service for our staff in return.

We also provide presentations to various student groups (elementary, high school, and post-secondary students) where appropriate. Check out our “I’m the Boss of Me” and “No is a Full Sentence” programs for more information on our two established programs.

Our presentations are a good fit for staff in-services, professional development opportunities, post-secondary students and classes, and more.

The following topics are available upon request as capacity allows:

  • Understanding Sexualized Violence: Our “101” Course
  • Consent 101: The (Sexual) Basics
  • Child Sexual Abuse Information Seminar
  • Understanding Sexualized Violence in the Classroom
  • Being a Strong Ally to Survivors
  • Exploring the Impacts of Sexualized Violence
  • SSAIC’s Services & Supporting Survivors
  • Deconstructing Rape Culture
  • Demystifying the Reporting Process of Sexualized Violence

Please contact SSAIC with your presentation request, including your preferred date, time, name of organization, contact person, length of presentation, audience type and size, and requested topic(s).

Presentations to Elementary & High Schools

At this time, presentations to elementary and high schools will be accommodated as capacity allows. Our two school-based programs, “I’m the Boss of Me” for Grade 4’s and “No is a Full Sentence” for Grade 8’s, are available to Saskatoon classrooms during the school year. Schools or groups outside of Saskatoon will be accommodated as capacity allows at a fee.

We may have some resources to share with you even if we cannot visit your classroom! Please contact SSAIC with your request, and we will do our best to connect to. If you have students struggling with the sharing of intimate images, please work with your assigned School Resource Officer, or contact the Saskatoon Police or your local RCMP Detachment.