SSAIC offers free individual counselling for survivors of sexualized violence (sexual abuse, sexual assault, and sexual harassment) and secondary survivors (a loved one who feels impacted by the survivor’s experience).

What We Offer

At SSAIC, we support survivors in their journeys toward healing; we believe you, and we believe in you.

Our counsellors use an anti-oppressive, holistic approach that is bound by a feminist, trauma-informed and survivor-centered framework. We want all survivors and support people to feel empowered in their healing. Our goals are your goals; we never investigate the validity of your story, and we support your choices regarding medical care and the legal system. 

Our trauma-informed counselling services are available to all people aged 12 and older. All genders, romantic orientations, sexualities, ethnicities, cultural identities, creeds, and religions are welcome.

SSAIC services are for short-term purposes; a total of 12 sessions will be offered to each client. SSAIC’s services are free of charge for all clients.

Our counsellors are governed by the ethics and standards laid out by the Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers. We believe you, and we believe in you. You direct the conversation and the session agenda based on your needs; our goals are your goals.


Our counselling, group, and crisis line services are completely confidential; callers can choose to remain anonymous and clients can expect that their personal information is private. The only situations where we cannot keep information confidential are:

  • If the person is under 16 years of age and has been abused, or
  • If a person is at risk to harm themselves or another person.

In these situations, we are legally obligated to inform the proper authorities for everyone’s safety.

Preparation for Counselling

SSAIC services are approached from a place of non-judgement, and client safety is our priority. Questions asked during our intake and counselling processes are used to assess safety, identify existing supports, and to ensure the best outcome for our clients. The counselling process can be destabilizing, so we work to ensure that our clients have adequate supports in place. 

Make your appointment today

To set up your intake appointment, or for any questions, please call the office at 306-244-2294 or email

For Perpetrators of Sexualized & Intimate Partner Violence

For the safety of our clientele, we do not serve perpetrators or folks accused of sexualized or intimate partner violence. For help, please visit the links below:

Saskatoon Health Region

CoSA Canada

Intimate Partner Violence Program