Survivor’s Toolkit

We know that being separated from your support systems can be challenging and anxiety-inducing. Our counsellors here at SSAIC have compiled a list of our most used tools, resources, and exercises to share with you. Check it out here.

Pamphlets & Resources

Every SSAIC publication is available here on our website for download. SSAIC invites you to download these pamphlets and fact sheets for personal use or to use in-office or as referral material. Click here to view our full list of pamphlets, fact sheets, and booklets.

Drugs, Alcohol, and Sexual Assault

Drug-facilitated sexual assault can happen to anyone, by anyone, whether the perpetrator is a date, a stranger, or someone you’ve known for a while. Read up on this information here.

Supporting a Survivor of Sexualized Violence

If you receive a disclosure from someone about an incident of sexual violence, it’s completely normal to freeze, to panic, or wish someone else could help in your place. Take a deep breath, remain as calm as possible, and read our tips here on how best to support a survivor.

If you are looking for information on topics that you were unable to find on our website, please connect with our office.