If you’re interested in group counselling, but haven’t booked an intake appointment yet, please call 306-244-2294 or email intake@ssaic.ca to schedule one. All SSAIC services are free of charge.

SSAIC offers group counselling for survivors of sexualized violence. All groups are client centered and strength-based, with a focus on healing from the impacts of their trauma. Facilitators utilize a variety of methods including education, group discussion and processing, art, writing and guided meditations. All participants must have had at least one interview/session with a counsellor, before attending a group. Participants are screened for readiness and fit for group counselling.

Open Women’s Group

The Open Women’s Group is a weekly, ongoing, group available to support women (trans-inclusive) in their healing from sexualized violence. Women can access this group at any time throughout the year (group breaks for holidays and the months of July and August). The group focuses on a variety of topics related to healing from sexualized violence, with an emphasis on safety, strengths, skills and tool building. An initial meeting with a SSAIC counsellor is required.

 Women’s Closed Group 

SSAIC Women’s Group is an 8 week support group designed and structured to support adult women (trans-inclusive) in moving forward in their healing from sexualized violence. Utilizing the skills gained from prior individual counselling and/or participation in Open Group, women are guided through an exploration of the impacts of their sexualized trauma and offered tools for change and recover. Registration required.

Men’s Group

SSAIC Men’s Group is an 8 week support group offered to men (trans-inclusive) who have experienced sexualized violence. Men are invited to connect and share with other men who have had similar experiences and to learn frameworks and tools for healing. Registration required

Teen Group

Teen Group for Survivors offers youth, between the ages of 13 and 18, a safe and supportive space to explore and heal from the impacts of sexualized violence. This 8 week group is available for teen clients of SSAIC who express an interest in and feel ready for group therapy. Registration and parental consent required.

Queer Group

The newest addition to our Group Programming, SSAIC’s Queer Group, is available to queer survivors interested in addressing the impacts of their sexualized violence in a group setting. This 8 week group is by registration only and is developed for adults 18 years and older. Group topics are facilitated by agency counsellors and have a mix of facilitated learning and therapeutic group discussion. Topics can include trauma and how it impacts our mind and body, triggers, anger, boundaries, and self-care.

Please contact SSAIC for information on Group times and dates at 306-244-2294 or intake@ssaic.ca.