What is “No is a Full Sentence?”

“No is a Full Sentence” (NIAFS) is a school-based sexualized violence prevention and education program designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to become more socially aware of the root causes of sexualized violence, the impacts sexualized violence has on survivors and our communities, and how they can individually mitigate this type of violence from continuing.

NIAFS is an eight-lesson unit plan tied closely to the Saskatchewan Grade 8 Health Education curriculum. Each lesson is designed to build upon the previous one, resulting in students confidently and respectfully navigating all kinds of relationships as they grow through life, as well as acknowledging and honouring their own and others’ boundaries.

In order to explore the ways in which sexualized violence continues to be so pervasive (particularly in this age range), we must have direct conversations with students about boundaries, relationships, consent, gender stereotypes, empathy, bystanders, and the toxic culture around sexualized violence.

The title for this program, “No is a Full Sentence”, is a boundary-setting statement in itself; it encourages youth to say an empowered “no” when they are setting a boundary, as well as reinforces that this boundary does not require an explanation. While the word “no” does not need to be explicitly stated for consent to be valid, empowering youth at this age to set and respect firm boundaries builds a strong foundation for navigating boundaries and consent in their relationships as they age.

Created in partnership with Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools and Saskatoon Public School Division, the NIAFS program was successfully launched in Fall 2022 and will be available to Grade 8 classrooms each fall.

Read our 2022 Final Report here!

Why volunteer with “No is a Full Sentence”?

This program is an excellent opportunity to gain skills and knowledge regarding sexualized violence and develop confidence in group facilitation and public speaking.

Volunteer facilitators will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain valuable volunteer experience in a school-based education program;
  • Participate in interactive presentations with youth;
  • Present a serious and difficult topic in a gentle, trauma-informed, and effective way;
  • Become more comfortable discussing the issue of sexualized violence so the volunteer is more prepared to address it in their careers;
  • Learn about Duty to Report and how to respond to a disclosure of sexualized violence;
  • Create connections with teachers and schools in the Saskatoon community;
  • Take part in a flexible volunteer program with plenty of staff support;
  • Get as much out of this program as the students do!

Our volunteer program and its flexible booking system often attracts (but is not limited to) working professionals and post-secondary students whose values align with those of our agency and this program. No prior experience is necessary; we will teach you everything you need to know. However, enthusiasm, responsibility, punctuality, strong communication skills, and the ability to have fun with children and youth are a must.

The Volunteer Application Process:

We recruit and train volunteer facilitators on an ongoing basis. Interested applicants who complete this Volunteer Application Form may be contacted for an interview. Successful applicants must pass a vulnerable sector criminal record check. The record check can be obtained at no cost to you as a volunteer; we will provide you with the appropriate form to submit to your local police service or RCMP. An honorarium will be provided to each facilitator upon completion of the program.