Who We Are & What We Do

SSAIC is a Saskatoon-based, non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to taking a leadership role in responding to sexualized violence in our community.

We have a vibrant team—from administrative support to counsellors, our executive director to our Board of Directors, SSAIC employs professionals who are passionate about ending sexualized violence and supporting survivors of sexual abuse, assault, and harassment.

Where to Find Us

We are located in downtown Saskatoon at 201 – 506 25th Street East in the Saskatoon Community Service Village on the second floor.

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What is Sexualized Violence?

Sexualized violence is an all-encompassing term that includes sexual assault, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment. The word violence does not only refer to physical violence but includes emotional and psychological harm as well.

If you believe you’ve experienced sexualized violence, you can read more about what to immediately or how to seek help in your healing.

Keep in Touch!

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