Our provincial Minister of Justice, Don Morgan, has declared that May 11th – 15th, 2020 is Sexual Assault Awareness Week in Saskatchewan. This is a week where the whole province can come together and bring awareness to this all important systemic, gender-based issue. SSAIC looked forward to hosting an event for SAAW 2020, but due to the pandemic of COVID-19, we look for other ways to bring awareness to the residents of Saskatchewan!

Our themes for this year’s SAAW are:

  • Believing survivors
  • Recognizing a survivor’s resilience
  • Rejecting the victim-blaming term “non-consensual sex”

In celebration of this week of awareness, SSAIC is launching merchandise based around our three themes! You too can help bring awareness to the issue of sexualized violence and support SSAIC in the process. Check out a sneak peak of the items set to go on sale May 11th:

Shop these items at ssaic.ca/shop to show your support for survivors of sexualized violence!

Ways to spread awareness about sexualized violence and support survivors during isolation:

  • Follow SSAIC on Facebook & Instagram, and repost our posts to your page
  • Share your own story through conversation with people you trust, or more publicly through an online forum or blog post
  • Purchase and show off your SSAIC merchandise
  • Or, lounge around your house in your new “resilience” shirt drinking coffee from your “believe” mug
  • Donate to SSAIC directly through PayPal Giving Fund Canada
  • Make a donation to your local sexual assault centre or women’s shelter
  • Host an online fundraiser through Facebook

Download your survivor-themed poster here!

“Believe” poster options

“Resilience” poster options

“NCS” poster options