These videos were created as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as we were unable to offer our regular Open Group to survivors of sexualized violence. These videos feature SSAIC staff and cover the topics we would typically cover in Open Group. Our counsellors will have a discussion about the topic and recommend some exercises for you to work through at home.

Naturally these videos miss the discussion element that made Group so special, but please enjoy these informational sessions for survivors of sexualized violence.

New videos upload every Thursday throughout the summer.

Group Session 1 – Triggers, Grounding, and Containment

“Triggers” handout

“Window of Tolerance” graphic

“Coping & Healing” handout

“Containment” handout

Group Session 2 – Voice

Find the “Courage to Heal Workbook” by Laura Davis at any major bookstore or online retailer.

Group Session 3 – Boundaries

Group Session 4 – Healthy Relationships

Group Session 5 – Self-Esteem & Self-Image

Kristin Neff content:

Group Session 6 – Emotions & Emotional Regulation

Emotions Wheel (Kaitlin Robb)

Group Session 7 – Control & Power

Group Session 8 – Self-Care

Group Session 9 – Support Systems