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Last chance for LEV tickets – they are 95% sold out! Ticket sales close on Monday, October 15 at noon. 

YWCA Saskatoon presents a free community talk with special guest Leah Parsons. SSAIC will participate on the Q & A panel for this important community dialogue.

Leah Parsons delivers a powerful message about sexualized violence and consent and the legacy of her daughter, Rehtaeh.

Sexualized Violence and Consent: A community talk featuring guest speaker Leah Parsons, Presented by YWCA Saskatoon

Tuesday October 23
Sask Polytechnic, Room 104
6:30 Registration
7:00 Guest speaker Leah Parsons
Q & A to follow
8:00 Reception

Everyone is welcome.

Register today at or phone (306) 986-2881.

“They say, she hears…” The double standard obscures the real issues..

Brett Kavanaugh: a Canadian Perspective

Although the recent U. S. Supreme Court hearings were frequently difficult to watch, they provided a valuable lesson for Canadians. In the United States the confirmation process for the Supreme Court takes place under public scrutiny; there is literally nowhere for the appointee to hide. The hearings revealed unpleasant aspects of Brett Kavanaugh’s character, past transgressions and his fiercely partisan views. Canadians, on the other hand, know virtually nothing about nominees to our Supreme Court. While our system is safe from the partisan politics driving the process south of the border, we need to know more about the beliefs and values of people who will sit on the highest court in the land. This op-ed from the Globe and Mail makes a case for more transparency in our process of nominating justices to the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court to review case of Ontario trucker accused in the death of Cindy Gladue

The justices will determine whether or not Bradley Barton should be retried in the death of Cindy Gladue and, in doing so, they will consider whether or not a sexual partner could be found guilty of sexual assault if both parties agreed to the activity and figured it was harmless. The top court will also consider if there should be different, stricter standards of consent for sex workers. Advocates are pushing for changes to sexual consent and prostitution laws with Gladue in mind.  The National Post and CBC have more on this story.

Survivors face a multitude of barriers to reporting sexual assaults.

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