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Giving Tuesday may be over but the Season of Giving carries on until the end of December.  At SSAIC we are very fortunate to be supported by a loyal group of individuals who want to ensure that we can continue to support survivors of sexual violence when they reach out to us for help. If you are contemplating some end of the year giving we would appreciate your support.  

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We are pleased to announce that SSAIC is a member of the newly created RCMP – Sexual Assault Investigations Review Committees (SAIRC)

The Committees will provide investigative oversight of select RCMP sexual assault investigation files classified as “not cleared by charge” including files classified as ‘unfounded’ to ensure investigations are thorough, impartial and properly classified as well as to identify any systemic barriers and gaps. The Committee will consist on RCMP officers and external members with expertise in direct service to sexual assault survivors.

This Victim Advocate Case Review of police investigated sexual assault files has been actively piloted in many Ontario and Alberta municipal forces for a number of years.  The Canadian model was based upon the Philadelphia model designed to address the high number of unfounded sexual assault cases in that community.   We are pleased that the RCMP has begun this process and we are pleased to be participating.  We think that we can learn about police process at the same time that police members of the committee may learn about the impacts of trauma on victims and how that may manifest in investigations. 

Federal Court approves $900M deal to settle Canadian military sexual assault, harassment cases

The Federal Court has approved a $900-million agreement that will settle multiple class-action lawsuits by survivors of sexual harassment and assault in the military. The federal government agreed in July to pay $800 million for members of the Canadian Armed Forces and $100 million for another class of employees of the Department of National Defence to settle six overlapping cases filed in recent years.  
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Survivors Create a List of Catholic Clerics Accused of Sexual Abuse

The list includes names of priest in the London diocese who were charged, convicted or linked to victims that made allegations of being sexually abused as children and successfully sued or settled with the church for amounts over $50,000.  This is the link to the full article.

Women And Women’s Advocacy Groups Using their Power

 Our Executive Director and General Counsel Megan Stephens (left) and Counsel Lara Kinkartz of WeirFoulds LLP (right) at the Ontario Court of Appeal in R v Sullivan and R v Chan.

We advocated for s. 33. 1 of the Criminal Code to be upheld as constitutional. This section prevents the use of voluntary intoxication as a defence to assault-based offences including sexual assault.

Read about LEAF’s intervention

Contestants at the Miss Peru Pagent  Turn the Pagent into a Powerful Gender Violence Protest

Participants in Peru’s Miss Universe Pageant broke with tradition and recited statistics detailing violence against women rather than give their body measurements as they were instructed to do.  It is a very moving and powerful act of defiance.  Watch it here for yourself:

Strategies for Survivors This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of celebration and a chance to reconnect with family and friends, but it can also present challenges for some survivors of sexual assault. Each survivors experience and healing process is unique, however,  for some survivors, especially survivors of childhood sexual abuse, holiday gatherings may be difficult.  For some survivors holiday gathering many mean returning t locations that bring back painful memories of the abuse or a perhaps make it difficult for them to avoid an abuser. 

For many survivors, the large gatherings, lack of control of your sleeping space, and traveling can add anxiety and stress to survivors already struggling with anxiety as a result of the assault.   Fortunately they are some ways to help survivors feel safe and self-care strategies that can be used to make this season easier,

Our friends at RAINN have created a great article we can share

Here are some Holidays Tips for us All

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SSAIC Office Christmas Closure

Our office is closed over the holidays at 5 pm on December 23rd until 9 am on January 2nd.
But…. our Crisis Line is available 24/7.  If you need to speak to someone please call (306) 244-2224

Happy Holidays from the SSAIC Staff & Board

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