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The #MeToo movement is shifting the power landscape for women and victims of sexual assault. From Hollywood to our own provincial legislature, consequences for abuse and harassment are becoming very real. At the root of negative attitudes is the way society trains boys to be aggressors and view sexual relationships with girls as an inherent right. In this month’s round-up we explore the changing landscape and learn how we can work for positive and healthy change for all members of society.

#MeToo: There's a lot more than Weinstein and Freeman going on
As former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein faces criminal charges, the #MeToo movement gains a crucial victory. The list of prominent men accused of bad behaviour towards women continues to build; the latest includes veteran actor Morgan Freeman. The movement has affected the legal frontier with several countries enacting laws that protect victims of sexual abuse and harassment. Read more ….

4 Ways We Teach Boys It’s Normal to Pressure Girls Sexually
From the beginning, boys receive negative and confusing messages about relationships with the opposite sex. They come to view sex as a rite of passage to become “real men” and feel they need to prove themselves in the sexual arena. Boys place pressure on girls ranging from persistent pursuit to outright physical intimidation. This article explores ways we can rewrite these scripts and instil healthy attitudes in youth towards sexuality.
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Closer to home, the handling of a sexual assault conviction of a University of Saskatchewan Huskies athlete proved the increasing political clout of women. In a recent legislature session, NDP interim leader Nicole Sauauer raised the issue of the athlete allowed to play on the team despite the conviction and the comments made by the coach expressing concern for the player rather than the victim. Advanced Education Minister Tina Beaudry-Mellor’s response was unequivocal, “Mr. Speaker, I am angry. And this is not OK…”  Consequences were rapid; by the end of the day the coach was fired. Sauauer and Beaudry-Mellor galvanized authorities to assume responsibility and take action for change. Read more …


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