• Making Her Case 

CBC’s in-depth feature about a 74-year-old Isabelle Raycroft, who went public with her story of spousal rape, covers a lot of ground and shows us a side of marriage (and sexual violence) we seldom talk about.

  • Canadian writer Kelly Oxford creates Twitter forum in response to Trump’s vile comments; response is overwhelming

Using the hastash #notokay, Oxford created a public forum for women to share their experiences with sexual assault. Oxford reported that she received at least 50 responses per minute at the peak of the hashtag’s use.

  • Boys Online

The National Post feature on boys and their experiences online–from nudes to porn–is worth a read, even if you don’t have children.

  • Good news: An Ottawa men’s counselling group is working with the US military! 

This piece isn’t ALL good news (the service is struggling with a lack of funding and increased demand for services) but “through a subcontract with 1in6, an agency for sexually abused men in Los Angeles, Goodwin is busier than ever training the U.S. military on a counselling model for men developed in Ottawa. ”

  • You have the chance to make a difference for survivors in Saskatoon! 

The Campus Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, in collaboration with the Saskatoon Sexual Assault Centre, is proud to support our post-sexual assault hygiene kits. These kits will be delivered to local hospitals in Saskatoon and given out to survivors of a sexual assault. Often survivors of an assault have limited supplies necessary to clean up with after an assault and sometimes leave the hospital in only a hospital gown. DONATE to their crowdfunding campaign NOW! and help survivors leave the hospital with dignity.

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