If you’ve been following our webpage and social media, you are likely aware that we maintain a 24-hour Crisis Line, run by a team of fabulous volunteers. They do a lot of listening and encouraging, and every one of them is prepared to get out of bed to go meet a sexual assault survivor at the hospital for medical intervention. Volunteers: we couldn’t do our work without them!

Now, this difficult situation has been made a little more comforting because of Amber Ly at Campus Medicine Shoppe. The U of S recently held its annual Sexual Assault Awareness Week, during which time we began working more closely with Amber. We talked about how their branch might do something to make a difference for survivors; they decided to create “self-care kits” that will be provided to survivors following their medical / forensic examinations. We have just received the first delivery of the kits and will be making sure the hospitals have a supply available for distribution.

We’ll be monitoring the distribution of the kits, as well as any feedback from survivors. For now, we want to extend a big thanks to Amber at Campus Medicine Shoppe.

In the kits:

Women’s kit
Cleansing wipes
Hair brush & hair elastic
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Lip balm
Body wash & body sponge
Shampoo & conditioner
Underwear & panty liners

Men’s kit
Same toiletries as above plus…
Razor & shave foam


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