COVID-19 Update

Despite our services looking a little different than usual, our staff are still here serving survivors of SV in Saskatoon & area!

✔️We’re currently offering full-time counseling to clients via phone, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.
✔️We’re also offering intake and information services via phone Monday to Friday, 1-5pm —> 306-244-2294.
✔️(You can also find a ton of great info on our website, which is available 24/7!)
✔️Our 24-hour crisis line is still available as usual, always staffed with a trauma-informed counselor —> 306-244-2224.

We hope to offer in-person services as soon as it’s safe for us to do so. Until then, let’s continue coming together, even while apart.

During this quarantining time, many populations are more vulnerable to various kinds of violence. Children are using the internet now for resources more than ever; check in that your children are using the internet safely and securely. Check out some safety tips here.

While our home is a sanctuary for most of us, many people in our community experience intimate partner violence or child abuse, and are now stuck at home with their abusers. To help these people in need, some local violence prevention agencies have put together the Getting Out Guide, which you can read here.

What’s New at SSAIC

You can now follow SSAIC on Instagram! Find us @SSAIC1.

Our website has gotten a spring cleaning! Check out new links such as our “Survivor’s Toolkit”, or the “Learning & Resources” section for some great information during quarantine (particularly Sexualized Violence 101 & 102)!

Sexual Assault Awareness Week 2020

Our provincial Minister of Justice, Don Morgan, has declared that May 11th – 15th, 2020 was Sexual Assault Awareness Week in Saskatchewan. Visit our event page SAAW 2020 for all the details on the week!

NEW: Support SSAIC and sexualized violence survivors in a new way – with survivor-themed merchandise!

Show your support for survivors of sexualized violence through donations and visual representation. Check out our collection of survivor t-shirts and mugs to show your support for survivors at

Entertainment & Learning

Sexual Assault Services of Saskatchewan (SASS), in collaboration with the Community-University Institute for Social Research at the University of Saskatchewan, Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations Women’s Secretariat and the Saskatchewan First Nation Women’s Commission released a comprehensive report on the issue of sexual violence in our province on April 29, 2020. The aim of this research is to garner a comprehensive understanding of sexual violence in Saskatchewan through an examination of sexual violence experiences and the existing strengths and gaps in service provision. Read the full report here.

An infographic created by SASS for Sexual Assault Awareness Week 2020

New Resource alert! We recently published a part 3 of our basic lessons on sexualized violence: debunking rape myths. Check out our newest webpage full of great information here!

On March 12, 2020, Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF) staff lawyer Rosel Kim appeared before the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights to speak about Bill C-5, An Act to amend the Judges Act and the Criminal Code. This Bill would require potential judges to promise to complete continuing education on sexual assault law and social context. Read all about LEAF’s advocacy for Bill C-5 here.

“Only 1 in 3 Canadians fully understand what sexual consent is.”

So let’s talk about it. This animated video takes on a fun and simple approach to looking at consent; exploring what consent is and what it does and does not look like. Everyone should understand consent, so share this video and start the conversation.

SSAIC & Sexual Assault in the News

Hear some thoughts on sexualized violence and the COVID-19 pandemic from our Executive Director, Faye Davis.

“In times of extreme stress, people will tend to the need that’s pressing at them or their family the most and maybe put aside some of their other needs. We think that’s what’s going on,” Davis said.

We were so happy to read that violent crimes are down, but sadden (yet not surprised) to see that domestic violence and mental health calls to the Saskatoon Police have risen since the province declared a state of emergency. Agencies that support survivors and mental health organizations are still open and seeing clients; please continue to reach out for support! Read the full article from police Chief Troy Cooper here.

SSAIC was featured by Global News for the resurgence of our successful men’s support group this winter. Our Client Services Coordinator, Megan Sawyer, spoke about the group alongside local mental health advocate Allan Kehler. Watch the full interview here.

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