• What it’s like to report a sexual assault in Canada

This in-depth Globe and Mail series interviews 36 survivors and reports their experiences with care and respect. Read on for a better understanding of what it’s like to be a survivor at all stages of the reporting and recovery process.

  • The federal government is being pushed to collect data on unfounded sexual assault cases

MPs are calling for Statistics Canada to resume tracking the national rate at which sexual-assault allegations are dismissed as unfounded, and training for judges and police on dealing with sex-assault cases, citing a Globe and Mail investigation into how sex-assault allegations are handled across the country.

  • A video explaining consent for kids

This is great for elementary school aged kids. Consent is explained simply and with a child-friendly animated style.

  • This Hour has 22 Minutes spoofs Canadian judges & legal system’s handling of sexual assault

We can only hope that reform is coming, but in the meantime take a moment to share in some on-point satire.

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