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COVID-19 Update

SSAIC is here for you! While our doors remain closed to the public, our counsellors are seeing clients face-to-face on a limited basis and our phone lines are fully operational from 9am-noon and 1pm-5pm, Monday through Friday. As usual, our 24-hour crisis line is always available, 365 days a year.

If you or someone you know would benefit from sexualized violence counselling, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (306) 244-2294 to speak to a trained trauma counsellor.

We have expanded our services to include more online resources for survivors. Please check out our Survivors Toolkit for additional resources and videos.

What’s New at SSAIC

N E W B L O G P O S T – COVID-19 & Impacts on Survivors

The most common question we get asked these days is, “What impact is COVID-19 having on survivors of sexualized violence?”

This is a tough question to answer, but our Executive Director, Faye Davis, and our Education & Outreach Coordinator, Morgan Price, share their thoughts in our latest blog post. Read this post and check out the rest of our blog here!

Our Virtual Group Sessions have come to an end, but they are posted our website to be enjoyed again and again! View all nine videos here.

These videos were created as a response to COVID-19 in the hopes that all survivors and clients of SSAIC could still receive some distanced support from our counselling team. Check out the last video in this series, “Support Systems:”

Take a tour of our office (virtually)!

We sure miss being able to welcome clients, professionals, and community members into our space with us. Until we can see each other again, we’ve made a virtual walkthrough of our building and office space to bring us a little closer to you. Enjoy!

Entertainment & Learning

Online Learning Workshops

We wrapped up our Summer Learning Workshop Series on August 11th with “Being a Strong Ally to Survivors.” Thank-you to everyone who participated in our first round of online learning workshops; we’re excited to continue offering more into the fall!

Stay tuned for the upcoming Fall Learning Workshop Series schedule & offerings (psst…topics may include the justice system, COVID-19, and feature lots of guest speakers. Don’t miss out!).

Sexualized Violence – The Basics

Our Learning & Resources section of our website has gotten a total makeover – have you checked it out yet?

For this month’s learning opportunity, we highly recommend reading our “101, 102, & 103” lessons on sexualized violence – they are highlighted under the Learning & Resources section here.

Learn about the differences between sexual assault / abuse / harassment, what the effects of sexualized violence are, what grooming is, and more!

Sexualized Violence in the News

Experts say bystanders must call out sexual harassment in the workplace by CBC News Saskatchewan

[Nicole] White said workplace sexual harassment is prevalent in Saskatchewan. “If you look at [occupational health and safety] stats between 2016 and 2018,  they had 408 investigations related to sexual harassment,” White said, adding the average comes out to nearly one investigation per work day per year.

The actual numbers are even higher, she said. “We know that those official complaints coming forward are just a small amount of the actual harassment that’s happening.” 

CBC News, Submitted July 28, 2020

‘I believe you’: Indigenous survivors speak out about sexual abuse, assault in their own communities by CBC News British Columbia

Roseanne Supernault, a Cree and Métis actress who took to Instagram to post allegations about Campeau aggressively  coaxing her to have sex with him, says silence — for victims or witnesses — is no longer an option.  

“We have to let [offenders] learn their lesson and I will step forward and tell any victim I believe them,” Supernault said.

CBC News, Submitted August 9, 2020

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