So, I hear you’re tired of feminism. That must be nice.

You see, I work at a sexual assault centre and every day I see what happens to people when men have been taught that their worth comes from having power over others, that being a “man” means being strong, and never taking “no” for an answer.

I see what happens to little boys (1 in 6!!!) who are victimized by adults for their own gratification, then have to try to live in a society that tells them not to feel (unless it’s anger), and that they deserved it because they’re “pussies”.

I see what happens to little girls (1 in 4!!!) who are taught that they are meant for the pleasure of others, that their worth is in the size and desirability of their bodies. That they were “asking” for it, because they wore “that”, or went “there”, and what time was it???? That’s Rape o’clock!!! What was she thinking???

How nice that you get to live in a world where it’s not normal for your mother or your sister or your daughter to go missing and be found murdered (or never be found at all).

How nice that you get to have an opinion, and that you get a platform for your opinion! How nice that you get the choice to like “real men” and “traditional” roles. But, for the love of God, please realize/understand/consider that OTHER PEOPLE DON’T GET THAT CHOICE!

And what I want, what I fight for, is for EVERYONE to get to choose!

So, go ahead, be tired of feminism. I’m not. And your posts are not going to silence me


-Written by Erin Redekop

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