SSAIC's Reading List

Welcome! Each month, we will curate a collection of videos, memes, books, articles, and other resources related to sexual violence. Check out our July selection:

  • The Mask You Live In 
From the documentary team that brought us Miss Representation in 2011, “The Mask You Live In follows boys and young men as they struggle to stay true to themselves while negotiating America’s narrow definition of masculinity.” A must-see for anyone interested in the correlation between gender stereotypes, expectations, and the toxic masculinity we see in North American culture. See more at The Representation Project. Currently streaming on Netflix.


  • A video that skewers victim-blaming logic 
Replace the word “rape” with “murder” and suddenly, victim blaming is incredibly problematic. These stick figures make a compelling argument.


  • Huffington Post’s profile piece on Rio Olympic Hopeful Kayla Harrison
“…Harrison is entering the 2016 Games knowing that even bigger pursuits will follow. The next chapter of her journey will be off the mat, as she works to erase the stigma of being a sexual abuse survivor, attacking the issue through both public education and the creation of a foundation that connects and empowers fellow survivors.” Read the full piece here.


  • And finally, some good news!
It’s been a difficult few weeks in headline news, but there is still good happening in the world. Apple’s response to a March report which stated that the digital assistant was unprepared to help victims of sexual violence was swift–and awesome! The tech giant partnered with RAINN.Org, in order to make Siri a sensitive first-responder. We tried it out this morning and it works! Remember: RAINN is an American resource, but their site is an incredible wealth of information.

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