Welcome! Each month, we will curate a collection of videos, memes, books, articles, and other resources related to sexual violence. Check out our August selection:

  • The University of Colorado Survivor’s Letter 
This victim impact statement explains all the ways her life has been altered by her sexual assault, including the financial costs.  (The sentence the perpetrator received will make you cringe at the injustice.)


  • A video parody of victim-blaming logic
There have been a few good videos making comparisons between various crimes and sexual assault. This one is particularly share-worthy.


  • Good news from the Queens Bench in Edmonton
The acquittal of a 15-year-old boy accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl has been overturned by an Edmonton Court’s Bench justice who said the provincial youth court judge in the trial used ‘myths and stereotypes about sexual assault victims’ to inform his decision.”


  • A Guilty Verdict in a Sexual Assault Case out of Toronto
In a scathing indictment of a sexual assault perpetrator, Judge Zuker said in his ruling that he did not believe the defendant’s testimony, describing it as a “feeble attempt in hindsight” to clear his name. “I stress his version is without reality. It never, never happened,” Zuker said. “It was a joke. A fabrication. I must and do reject his evidence.”

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